As a child

Since childhood, my life has traveled around the design and without knowing it. Being the smallest of the family, I drew my dog ​​Duqui in different everyday stories in a very personal comic Badly drawn but with much love made, I also observed the design of logos and their influence on the perception of mark or how the correct layout of a text either in a printed medium or web had a direct impact on reading it.

From Teenager

I can not say that everything was the work and grace of the holy spirit, my elder sister, also a designer, guided me along the way to choose always being surrounded by design terminology And people of the field. Finally accompanying her to deliver good visas to the press was where I breathed for the first time that smell of offset printing so characteristic that it indicated to me that this was my thing.

From Professional

Over time I was complemented by the knowledge of printing with the new technological world web, the concepts of layout and design style gradually transposed them to the world of HTML and CSS among other languages, but I never left out the printed world, which Was my first contact with the design.



A passionate of the photography, of the frame with the thirds, of the golden space. I always go out with my camera, which will not be the best in the world but allows me to take it to the sea. Sometimes I just go out with my camera and my bicycle to photograph as if it were a great panorama, that distracts me and makes me go back to my origins.


On the other hand I am VainGlory Player, a new MOBA game for mobile devices. This game is in teams of 3 vs 3. I belong to the guild TheBlackRussians in the configuration of Captain (support) where I best. I organize open and closed events worrying as designer of every element that is needed, be it T-shirts, flyers, banners and as organizer of the transmissions live via Twitch, being the official commentator in the LanPartys.



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